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How to alleviate a girl’s fears of being recorded on webcam

The number one fear which will prevent a girl from sex camming with you, is the fear of being recorded and ending up on a porn site. And understandably so, since this is something that could easily ruin her reputation. But this is also something which is easy to get around, and these few simple tips will help you alleviate her fears.

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The best adult webcam chatrooms

We’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the best, free, adult webcam chat rooms around. If you are looking for cam to cam sex, look no further: this post will show you were to go, and give you a few tips to ensure that you maximize your chances of success depending on which one you opt for. We tell you which chatrooms are the busiest, which ones have the best ratio of girls to guys, and which ones are the kinkiest! Continue reading The best adult webcam chatrooms

Keep your bishop in your pants

You want to know the fastest way to ensure of online rejection? Unsolicited cock pics.

It’s not that the girls don’t want to see it… but a cock without context is a bit like a tub-full of sugar without the cream: it’s a sure-fire way to make them retch! Mix the two together however, and what do you get? Ice-cream…  A potent combination of sucrose and fat which the greedy sluts can’t get enough of!

It’s not brain science really, yet it took me -the bishop- a little while to get my head around this… In my younger days, I went from cam chatrooms to adult dating sites, thrusting my dick in everyone’s face… And all I was met with was rejection! Disgust, contempt, and only the (very) occasional fat slag.

But don’t take my word for it: go on omegle, pull that trouser-snake out, and watch the girls ‘next’ you as soon as your cam stream loads. Or use a cock pic as your profile picture on any dating site, and see the tumbling tumbleweeds roll past your empty inbox.

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