The sexiest grave in Paris

In the old heart of Paris, at the Père Lachaise cemetery, lies a grave which has been attracting its fair share of voyeurs, thrill seekers, and superstitious (or just plain randy) housewives.

For the burial place of Victor Noir, a French Journalist who -in 1870- fell foul of one Pierre Bonaparte, is notorious for the life-size bronze statue that portrays the dying moments of the man who dared challenge the great-nephew of the Emperor to a pistol duel. Victor Noir, it is said, fell in the street from a lethal bullet with his hat at his feet, and the sculptor Jules Dalou captured every tiny detail of his final breaths, including the prominent turgescence in the corpse’s trousers! Victor Noir -you guessed it- died with a boner, and the statue has consequently seen far more action than the real man behind it ever did!

Victor Noir erectionThe grave has become a bit of a fertility symbol, and it is not uncommon for Parisian women who are having difficulties conceive to come and rub the lump in Victor’s pants, stroke his feet, kiss his mouth and leave flowers into his top hat.

This would only amount to fairly innocent fun, if it weren’t for the hordes of naughty tourists who have taken to posing with Victor’s statue, and the dirty voyeurs who come to perv on them, hoping to catch sight of a bit of flesh, and of some rather macabre sex acts.

Since Dita Von Teese did a sexy photoshoot at the grave in 2009, a few glamour models and keen amateurs have visited the statue, and it was with anticipation that the Bishop made his way to the cemetary on a late summer afternoon last year… Unfortunately, on that particular day, he only caught a coy handjob from a couple of Japanese teenagers, but it is in memory of that day that he brings you the best of this Victor Noir gallery.






victor noir3



La tumba de Víctor Noir.2






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