How to alleviate a girl’s fears of being recorded on webcam

The number one fear which will prevent a girl from sex camming with you, is the fear of being recorded and ending up on a porn site. And understandably so, since this is something that could easily ruin her reputation. But this is also something which is easy to get around, and these few simple tips will help you alleviate her fears.

1. First of all, always be willing to show a girl more than you are asking her to show you: not only should this turn her on if you do it right, but it will also help making her more at ease and comfortable. Finally, it also sets your expectations of what is about to happen next!

2. If a girl is already showing her face, and she starts stripping or touching herself for you, this either implies naivety on her part, implicit trust, or simply that she does not care about being recorded. Whichever may be the case, I would strongly suggest you do not abuse her privacy, and that you do not record her. For the reasons listed in the linked article, this is in your best interest, as well as in hers.

1420330151.913913. Sometimes, a girl will already have taken her precautions, and she will not be showing her face on cam. This pretty much makes her unrecognizable unless she has very distinctive marks or tattoos on her body. Personally, however, I find cam sex far more enjoyable when I can see a girl’s eyes and the way she looks at me. For this reason, I will always suggest one of the techniques below to her.


webcam-toy-photo294. Before camming with the girl, tell her that it’s the look in someone’s eyes that turns you on. Ask her to cover her face with a scarf or a piece of cloth. This generally works well, though it is somewhat fiddlish for her, and there is always the fear that the scarf will fall off. When you ask her to flash you her boobs or strip for you, she will be far more likely to comply if she can be sure she will not be recognized.


27327075. Ask her to wear a mask. Masks are a wonderful thing! Not only do they add to the anonymity already provided by the internet, but they also allow a girl to let go of all her inhibitions and really let lose. Even when camming with someone I already know well and who implicitely trusts me enough not to cover their face, I will often ask them to wear a mask anyway! This allows them to let go of their good girl image, and to detach themselves from what society deems as morally acceptable. Wearing a mask allows a girl to fully give herself to her sexual pleasure, and you will often be surprised the kind of things she will do which you would not have suspected of her otherwise.

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