Top ten pizza dares (NSFW)

As a bit of an exhibitionist, somewhat of a voyeur, and an all-round deviant, the bishop is a big fan of pizza dares. Especially when each one is more daring than the next! Here’s his top 10 list of all times…

10. The classic towel drop…

9. No full nudity, but the pizza guy makes a move!

8. She’s happy, and she has a rocking body…

7. “Right…” this cute chick says, and he doesn’t dare looking at her!

6. What’s better than one pizza guy flasher? Two of them, of course!

5. And three is better than two! (shame about the sound though…)

4. How about 7 naked girls?

3. “I can give you a blowjob to pay for the pizza!”

2. Anal Dildo?? Top that!

1. Why did this guy even need convincing?

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