Should you record webcams?

There may be perfectly good reasons why you might want to record a cam, but there are also moral and legal issues involved in the process. Having recently written a post on How to record webcams, I am now going to appeal to your self-interest  to argue that it’s probably something you should not be doing!

I see a lot of people recording their cybersex sessions and posting them on adult video sharing websites… Unless they have specifically seeked the other person’s consent (and written consent would be best in that case), they are placing themselves in legal hot water by doing so. Beyond the issue of sharing your recordings publicly, there might even be some states or countries where recording someone’s webcam for your own personal use might be illegal, particularly if you solely record their video stream, rather than your whole computer screen.

Morally, you might also potentially ruin someone’s life by recording them and placing it out there on the net. But I am not here to moralize with you.

However, one thing remains: the fear of being recorded is a big deterrent for a lot of people (particularly girls), and it is the main reason they are often reluctant to indulge in webcam sex. And the more people share their recordings on video sites, the harder it will become to find someone who will trust you enough to cyber with you!

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