How to get a girl to flash you on cam

I, the bishop, pride myself on being able to get online and consistently having consensual free cam sex under an hour. In this post I am going to share my system with you: a few simple rules which -if adhered to- will ensure most of your conversations end up in mutual fun.

I have had so much success online that one thing is absolutely clear in my mind: girls love sex! Girls love to flash guys, they enjoy teasing them, and they love to be flashed back… Yet, why is it that, if you have ever spent an hour on omegle, the whole site seems like a sausage fest, and the few girls that are online seem to ‘next’ you as soon as they see your cam? Why do guys keep insisting on getting their cock out in the hope one girl will single them out and get turned on by their meat when clearly, this only works very sporadically?

What few guys seem to realise, is that what usually turns girls on is not the sight of naked flesh: it is the process of flirting and seduction. If you want girls to flash you on webcam, and have cam sex with you, I am going to reveal a few golden rules which will tremendously boost your chances of success.

None of these are set in stone, and you might well find yourself lucky even though you do not follow them to the letter, but they will greatly maximize your chances, and make the process easy and quick.

Live by these 6 rules, and you should see immediate improvements in your online sex life:

1. Be ready
2. Catch her attention: be striking, or be vain
3. Be playful
4. Be a giver, not a taker
5. Make her work for it
6. Escalate quickly

Sounds simple right? Let’s take a look at each of these in detail :

1. Be ready

I like to bounce the girl to a web messenger (skype) as soon as I get a chance – this way, she stays in your contacts for future fun, and it gets her to invest in you from the very beginning. It also protects you from the risk of getting disconnected. Make sure you have fake yahoo messenger and skype accounts (obviously, do not use your real name). Also create a fake facebook account, as some girls do not have skype or yahoo, and facebook chat now includes webcam streams.
Finally, read the advice below: being prepared (having a pic and username ready, and knowing what to say) will prevent the conversation from stalling.

2. Catch her attention: be striking, or be vain

Be striking: this works best on websites that connect you randomly to another user, such as omegle… It’s so easy for the girl to ‘next’ you for whatever reason (guys outnumber girls 20 to 1 or more at times) that unless you make a strong first impression and intrigue the girl, you do not stand a chance… A few examples of being striking include: making a penis puppet (dressing up your penis with a sock, or sticking it out through a hole in a piece of cardboard paper so it would look like a nose in the middle of a smiley face) ; the promise of an intriguing sexual act (props are good for this, such as a fleshlight, which most girls will be curious about – similarly some girls may be intrigued by cross dressers/ shoe fetichists… etc) ; being unusually well-endowed or having a tiny penis ; kinky costumes that appeal to girls, such as uniforms, or striking pieces of apparel.
All these are approaches which I don’t use much personally, as the novelty factor soon wears off for the girl: if you rely solely on these props, she is likely to leave you to it in the middle of the act. However, when used in conjunction with the games I talk about below, they can still be strikingly effective.

Be vain: on webcam sites where you can feature a profile picture, choose a photograph of yourself that appears almost too good to be true. Show a pic of your best feature -be it your face or your six pack- but nothing overtly sexually suggestive. This will intrigue the girl as to whether you really are the person in the picture. And, this initial curiosity will most likely lead her to wanting to see you on cam…
This is a great set up for what follows. Note however that if you put up a picture which is obviously not of yourself, the girl will almost always leave the conversation as soon as she discovers the subterfuge.
Similarly, make sure your screen name is not overtly sexual… try to avoid names such as BigDick69, HornyCollegeBoy or even BumBandit. Try to make it intriguing and playful: Tease_a_fireman , LoveGoggles, etc…

3. Be playful

I like to engage the girl in a game as soon as we strike up a conversation. More often than not, I do this by playing ‘truth or dare’.
As soon as the girl answers my initial hello, I come back with: “Let’s play a game of truth or dare”. Note that I do not ask her a question (“Would you like to play…”), but I set a strong frame, and place the girl in an attitude of compliance from the outset.
Girls always start up with a few ‘truths’ questions, and I gradually build up the sexual tension, and leave them in no doubt as to what I’m after:
– ‘Is that you in the picture?’ And when she answers, I tell her she’s “fucking sexy”.
– ‘Do you have a boyfriend? Are you married?’
– ‘Do you like my abs, lol?’ (or whatever your best feature in your pic is)
– ‘Do you have a cam?’

If the girl answers she does not have a cam, or that it is broken, I call her a liar, and tell her I can see that she does… Quite often, they then reveal they were just bluffing because they’re in their PJs/their hair is not done up… etc.
At some point the girl will get curious and choose dare: do not ask her straight away to show herself on cam… It’s better if she requests that of you first. Instead, dare her to add you on yahoo or on skype.
After that (once she’s seen you) ask her to show herself on cam.
If you have done all this right, the girl will by this point be in no doubt as to what you’re after… you can then escalate quite quickly to ask her to lick on her fingers suggestively, show you her bra, show you her boobs… etc.

An example of another fun game you could play is ‘rock, scissors, paper’. The winner gets a dare. Again, start with easy dares, and build up the sexuality gradually.

A fun little routine I like to do is to give a girl the ‘good boobs’ test (careful though, this only works on cute girls with perfect firm tits):
– Can she hold a pencil under one of her boobs?: if she place it there and it sticks, she fails. She’ll think she has lost if it falls, so explain to her it’s quite the contrary: this simply means that gravity has not yet begun affecting her tits adversely.
– Can she fit one of her boobs in a large coffee cup? (explain to her that anything sticking out is too much boob).
– Can she lick her own boobs? (tell her, as she is trying, that she is giving you a hard on).

4. Be a giver, not a taker.

This is an almost essential rule: always ensure that you show more than she shows you. Be first and take the lead… If you want a girl to flash you, offer to do a striptease for her first. This will alleviate her fears and inhibitions: how could she appear as a slut, if you already are a bigger slut than her. Be a man, and take the lead! By this, I do not mean that you should whip it out as soon as you are both on cam… tease her and let her get gradually excited, but ensure that you are always a step ahead of her.
If you were playing the ‘truth or dare’ game mentionned above, let the girl request things first: let her request that you put your cam on ; let her ask you to strip… If she is a little shy, suggest it to her whenever she chooses ‘truth’. For instance, you could ask”Do you get turned on by guys stripping for you on webcam?”…

5. Make her work for it

This is golden… Reverse the roles and tease her mercilessly: call her a perv, and accuse her of hitting on you, and making you strip… Make it sound like you’re doing this reluctantly, and that the whole thing was her whole idea… ‘Truth or dare’ will get her gradually excited because she sees the game as a challenge: can she make you strip for her? Girls like to feel like they are seducing you ; make them work for it!
Of course, as soon as she gets sexual on you and she asks to see your abs or your butt, reciprocate and ask her to flash you her bra, tits or ass.

6. Escalate quickly

This is important: you must escalate the sexual tension quickly. As soon as she gives any sign of interest, get a little more sexual.
If you do not, she will get bored of the game.
Never leave it to tomorrow: girls get hit on online hundreds of times a day… No matter how fun and exciting your interaction was, unless it has been strongly personal (i.e. mutual masturbation), she will in all likelihood have forgotten your conversation by the next day.
You have a small window of opportunity to get the girl aroused and build up the sexual tension: be a man, and go after what you want (but read the above, and always make sure you stay one step ahead of her).

If you’ve read and digested the advice above, you will be miles ahead of the competition already: on sites like omegle, a lot of guys have it already whipped out before even talking to the girl… Girls like to know they get you excited. Seeing a guy with a hard on that has nothing to do with her is just a turn off for her. Other guys just make their interaction with girls into boring interview-type sessions: ‘sooo… where are you from?’ ‘What’s your favorite music?’… questions she’s had to answer hundreds of times. Keep it sexy, keep it playful: engage her in games and make yourself the challenge.

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