How to broadcast a fake webcam

As an exhibitionist, broadcasting a fake webcam is not something the bishop is a huge fan of. It can have its uses however, some of the more creative ones being sometimes hilarious.

There are a few reasons why you might want to broadcast a fake webcam:

  • For trolling, with the direct intent to create a strong reaction in your victims.
  • For a voyeur, who is unsure of his looks, and uses the fake stream of a good looking guy to coherce girls into flashing him.
  • To pretend to be a girl (largely used to attract lesbians).
  • For E-whoring.
  • To pique a girl’s interest, before revealing yourself.

Here’s a funny viral trailer for the movie ‘The Last Exorcism’, which illustrates what can be achieved with a fake webcam:

In order to broadcast to broadcast a fake webcam, you will need a video which you want to broadcast, and fake webcam software.

Manycam is probably the most commonly used app of this type. It is free in it’s basic version, but the video stream you’ll be broadcasting will be watermarked, which pretty much ruins the effect. The free version is good to test the software however, and the paid version is inexpensive.

For a free alternative try Fake Webcam by softtonic.

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