The sexiest grave in Paris

In the old heart of Paris, at the Père Lachaise cemetery, lies a grave which has been attracting its fair share of voyeurs, thrill seekers, and superstitious (or just plain randy) housewives.

For the burial place of Victor Noir, a French Journalist who -in 1870- fell foul of one Pierre Bonaparte, is notorious for the life-size bronze statue that portrays the dying moments of the man who dared challenge the great-nephew of the Emperor to a pistol duel. Victor Noir, it is said, fell in the street from a lethal bullet with his hat at his feet, and the sculptor Jules Dalou captured every tiny detail of his final breaths, including the prominent turgescence in the corpse’s trousers! Victor Noir -you guessed it- died with a boner, and the statue has consequently seen far more action than the real man behind it ever did! Continue reading The sexiest grave in Paris

How to alleviate a girl’s fears of being recorded on webcam

The number one fear which will prevent a girl from sex camming with you, is the fear of being recorded and ending up on a porn site. And understandably so, since this is something that could easily ruin her reputation. But this is also something which is easy to get around, and these few simple tips will help you alleviate her fears.

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How to get boobs on chatroulette

This video has been doing the internet rounds for a while now, but it remains the funniest way to get girls to flash their boobs on chatroulette or other cam-to-cam sites.

Quite simply, you show the girls a stream of a snake about to eat a chick. “Show us your boobies then or the chick gets it!”
And of course, it’s a video, so the chick always gets it in the end.

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